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constellation energy group] anas banister ray knight for many of you. more than 8000 customers have lost power. the rough stuff is not necessarily over. >> the focus is not necessarily the wind gusts over 60 miles per hour and damaging wind. we have picked up some heavy rain, anywhere from two to 4 inches of rain. baltimore county, baltimore city under a flash flood warnings, carroll county, same thing, anne arundel county. the maryland state police say westbound route 40 is closed between malcolm drive and market street. if you're doing a late night driving, keep that in mind. the rain is being picked up around dunellen and essex. we should get some video from
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the fells point area. another batch of heavy rain. dangerous lightning with the storms as well. it is not necessarily severe. the guests have been below 50 miles per hour. you can get a gust of 40 with all that rain. it can knock over trees and power lines. the back edges coming into frederick county. it will take another two hours for this to clear out. the heaviest precipitation in baltimore county in baltimore city. we will update the radar and inspect the seven-day going through weekend. >> tonight's batch of storms has been causing major headaches over the viewing area. we have a check on how people have been ferrying trade your have been running around all night. >> we were getting ready to go live and do a live report but
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the lightning was so bad it was safer to come back to the studio. we got to see some damage from the storm. we want to show you some of the effects. there was a minor flooding that leaked into the entrance of the emergency department. firefighters came and cleared debris from a drain and the flooding that happened quickly cleared out and there was not any impact on patients. after we left hopkins, our photographer and i saw this downed tree at the intersection of madison and caroline street. it is hard to tell if it fell over because of lightning or high wind. that intersection is closed and police the officers were riding on the scene before we left. take a look at this next piece of video. this was the scene after flash flooding forced to shut down the power at this apartment building. firefighters responded to the
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building in the 400 block around 7:30 p.m. tonight after the roof began leaking. officials say they had to shut off the electricity due to hazardous conditions. power has been restored. this storm impacted almost every neighborhood in the city. no surprise that low-lying areas are dealing with street flooding. this video was sent in from south carolina. this area gets frequently high water. tonight storms may more worse than usual. our last video takes us to mount vernon. the burst of strong storms impacted the area. we have reports of damage there. things like tents being blown over and some scaffolding that fell out of place. in view of pictures from the storm, we would like to see them.
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>> there is a flash flood warning in effect for baltimore city tonight. you can always stay ahead of the severe weather. check out weather alerts on and our app. more on a man who led police in pursuit where it ended with a crash and bailout. >> police initially tried to stop once and for a seat belt violation in the 1800 block of druid hill. he took off and sideswiped several cars and drove onto a sidewalk. officers called off the pursuit when watson left baltimore city. he went to route 100. the car accident on to telegraph road and went across the set --
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the center line and slammed into the intersection of morgan station drive. the driver took off and ran into some woods. officers found him in a vacant home half a mile away. residents were returning home from work as the whole thing played out. >> very scary. had i left work when i was supposed to, i could have been part of that accident which, thank god. i stayed at work late. when i saw it on the news -- on the internet, i thought, oh my gosh, it shows how he came across and hit the a car. >> after the arrest, anne arundel county police learned he was not the owner of the vehicle and he was in violation of a parole warrant. he is charged with a traffic citations and will face more charges in anne arundel county. there were no injuries from the crash.
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>> it was a crazy seen for skyteam 11. baltimore county's police chief has directed officers to resume collecting dna. that decision follows an order from supreme court chief justice john roberts who temporarily blocked a high court ruling. to temporarily allow police in maryland to move forward with the and a collection of four suspects arrested for violent crime. to arrest following drug busts and a large amount of guns, drugs, and cash. cortez marshall was in the residence and arrested and charged with possession and intent to distribute. police arrested 44-year-old robert taylor. they confiscated $45,000, several hundred grams of illegal drugs, and stolen handguns. police have arrested a man for it -- a impersonating one of their own.
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last week, joshua jones identified himself as a member of the sheriff's office to a woman outside her home in the 3300 block in pasadena. when he said he was there to serve a warrant and asked for her dress, she became suspicious and took down his license plate number. jones was taken into custody a short time later. baltimore city council president jack young has one of the most powerful positions. he is a member of the city board of estimates which decides how city tax payer money is spent. jack young cannot legally or ethically vote on many important issues. david collins has the follow-up to a story broke in september. >> the 11 news i-team learned that jack young could lose his seat simply by voting on issues
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related to three city agencies and to private entities. >> this is one of those cases where the law part company with common sense. >> according to this opinion, young lust recused himself from voting on all matters of voting on dpw. and johns hopkins and a local headstart. we examined five months of minutes and out of 572 items, jackie dung abstained 201 *. the mayor and controller abstained 45 times. he has to abstain because he has a brother who works as a laborer. another handles a juror grievances. his sister answers 311 calls. his wife schedules appointments.
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a relative is a teacher at a local head start center. >> one of the gaps in the ethics board ruling although it may be perfectly legal is the have not made the case that the city council president's relatives will be affected by any of that. >> jack young declined to comment. the appeal reads in part -- my constituents demand i seize the opportunity to weigh in all matters affecting health, safety, and growth of the city. i believe your decision is in direct opposition to the wishes of the people. >> i do not think you can be an effective leader if you recused yourself on material matter after material matter. >> the vote is generally quite important. if you have to recuse yourself,
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should you be serving at all? >> tonight and army surgeon from baltimore who died while serving in afghanistan. 28-year-old sergeant daniel rodriguez and another soldier were killed when their vehicle hit an ied yesterday. there were members of the 10th mountain division based in fort drum, new york and supported operation enduring freedom. he is the sixth service member to die this year. for the first time in u.s. military history, the department of defense will allow gay and lesbian service members to march in uniform in the san diego a pride parade this saturday. these scenes are from last year when the pentagon broken ground allowing soldiers to participate. this does not extend beyond the parade. sales prices increasing for the
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fifth consecutive month ending in june. the governor and the city housing commissioner credited new state initiatives with spurring growth. one economist says it boils down to more demand for houses. baltimore city is seeing the biggest gain in home values. prices have increased over 46%. >> it is good for is whether we own a home or not. it is good news for our jobs and for our economy. >> the state got more good economic news. all three bond rating agencies have affirmed maryland's ieee standing. they can -- the state can buy bonds at low interest rates. there are several so-called targeted areas throughout maryland where home buyers can qualify for lower interest rates. if you would like to see the map and how you can see help, go to
11:12 pm, click on project economy. the orioles were strongt of the midwest. beach patrol lifeguards were having a busy day. more on the rough surf ahead. >> strong thunderstorms are rolling through the area. we will look at hd doppler and check the seven-day forecast. a live shot from the city. you can see the rain coming down. down.
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>> we happen to be over the water went to females were caught in a riptide. both were able to get back to shore safely. patrol officials say they had to rescue more than 45 people. the weather was rough on our ski -- artscape.
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architecture students were busy building a stage. it is made in tire -- entirely out of shipping pallets. most of their work never leave the classroom. >> that is what is exciting to see how well our design integrates with people using the space for what we intended. >> i have never been in this kind of project. >> the project is an assignment for the summer architecture class. artscape kicks off tomorrow and runs through sunday night. more than 300,000 people are expected. firefighters from all over the country are in baltimore for the firehouse expo. their time here is not just spent on training. they took part in a remarkable
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and touching event to remember the newark city firefighters who paid the ultimate price on 9/11. >> at the downtown hilton hotel, firefighters were suiting up for what would be a 120 story stair climber. >> it is forced to come out and remember our brothers and sisters and make sure they are not forgotten. >> this is in honor of the new york city firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. firefighters were wearing pictures of some of those firefighters. >> i am climbing for him because he was the of my best friend, we served together in the united states air force. >> i am coming for firefighter michael lynch.
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it is an important event so we understand their sacrifice and not forget their sacrifice. >> up the stairs it went. flight after flight. they kept climbing, remembering those firefighters who, on that terrible they climbed the stairs at the world trade center, trying to save lives. for some of those climbing today, this is very personal. >> i am looking for battalion chief edward garrity. i am from so this walk means a lot to me. >> they took the elevator down and then climbed back up four more times. one firefighter said it best.
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>> today is something special. they climbed, we climb. we go home, they do not. >> the heavy rain is taking center stage as opposed to the damaging wind and large hail. we're trading off one for the other. there is some heavy rain out there. the heaviest stuff is moved out of baltimore city. there was some tremendous flooding downtown and there probably is some flooding, anywhere from two to 4 inches of rain reported with this batch of storms. the heaviest stuff is through the eastern part of baltimore county. these are not moving very fast and we have some heavy rain in baltimore county as well.
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and the hunt valley area spreading into harford county. there will produce anywhere from half an inch to 1 inch of rain before the storm moves out. here is a wider view. it can see how fast it is moving. the back end is coming into carroll county. if it is raining at your house, it will take another couple of hours for the rain to come to an end. the soaking rain will cause flash flooding. there is no severe weather being reported. around baltimore, the storms are technically under the severe criteria. we're not getting wind gusts over 55 miles per hour. the ground is saturated so it
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may take a 40 mile per hour wind. beware of that for the rest of the night. we had 95 but the front that will give us relief is closed. it has been inching its way down for the last 24 hours and it will work its way through but probably not until tomorrow night or saturday morning. 72 at the airport. it is monday. that is the forecast. it should be dry when you wake up tomorrow for the morning commute. scattered showers and thunderstorms will redevelop late in the morning and afternoon. a mixture of clouds and sunshine otherwise. cooler with temperatures between 81 and 86. we will keep a 3% chance for a couple of showers on saturday. most of saturday will be ok. the high temperature only 83. 85 with comfortable humidity on sunday to close the weekend and we will keep the temperature below 90 to the end of next
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week. we're happy about that. >> mark reynolds often serves as a verbal punching bag for fans. to many strikeouts, too many errors. he earned cheers. next in sports. >> with me is marsha harris. the jackpot has an estimated annuity of $21,700,000. here are the numbers. 31, 41, 8, 10, 20, and 43.
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if no one matches all six numbers, the multi mets jackpot climbs to $1,750,000. next drawing is monday night at 11:22 p.m. here on wbal tv 11. ♪
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♪ >> the orioles got the job done again today in a tight game. it gives them an 18-6 record. that is how you explain staying in the playoffs. there are outscored by 51 runs. a double left, joe mauer comes in to score. they end up going seven innings. when it gets it, watch out. now we go top seven.
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it is matching the sound of his name. unlikely hero, the embattled oriole. the bullpen remembered how to lock down. well done in the eighth and bottom nine. and the last, having won two in a row, they get -- feel pretty good. >> buck believes in us and we just stay at it. that is what we have been doing all year. we have been resilience all year. this is a prime example.
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>> if for games that starting tomorrow. -- a four games at starting tomorrow. baltimore is a half game back. i watched in disappointment. almost no wind, barely a drop of rain. that will change starting friday. tiger woods fans get involved. he played in the morning group and played well. an 18 foot goes -- and 18 pot goes down well here. he is chasing adam scott. that was impressive.
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phil mickelson found on the course, when a search party is called, you know it is not your day. 3 over 73. his major championship is off to a good start. >> we needed to get off to a quick start. look up on the board and scott is pretty low and so was everyone else. i felt i had to make a few more than i was able to. >> what happened to the top part of that mustache? bogies on two of scott's last three. the last player to win and to win the open next week, lee trevino. we are almost to the london games.
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an exhibition against great britain. we would not imagine there would be a home team. durant looks well turned and goes baseline right and shines. 13 points today. lebron james happy to have beit. as anthony gave, he also received. he had 19 of the bench. team usa a winner 118-78. a last check on the forecast.
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>> the weather is not awesome. >> the heavier thunderstorms are crossing the bay. you are next in line. harry rein, perhaps up to -- heavy rain, perhaps up to 2 inches. >> will have a nice weekend. >> that is all for us tonight. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the bourne legacy," rachel weisz,

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